5 Different Types of Dementia

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The brain experiences significant change during aging. For example, from the age of 60, the brain begins to slowly shrink. Both heart disease and head trauma can also have an important effect on the brain, sometimes causing dementia. A person’s family history also influences the occurrence and onset of dementia. 

Dementia is a significant sign of progressive neurodegeneration which causes the death of some brain cells as well as tissue loss. The most frequently affected areas are memory, thinking, behavior, and the ability to do some tasks. 

Thrive USA Homecare offers seniors in-home care services to preserve their autonomy and especially, continue to take advantage of the comfort of their home. Researches have shown that for a person with Alzheimer’s disease, remaining in a familiar surrounding helps manage the challenges related to memory loss.

More than care provided to the senior, Thrive USA home care services allows the family caregiver to receive support and respite while knowing that their loved one is safe and in good company.

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