10 Ways to Honor a Veteran on Veterans Day

By serving in the military and fighting for our freedom, veterans have sworn their allegiance to our nation. Senior veterans, whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a stranger, are in need of help as their health deteriorates and their resources dwindle.

No matter where you live or how much time you can dedicate, there are various ways to recognize a soldier who has dedicated his or her life to protecting our values, freedoms, and democracy. This November 11th, on Veterans Day, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to veterans who have served so selflessly and courageously.

Here are ten ways you may express your gratitude to senior veterans: 

  1. Say Thanks! Make an effort to just say “thank you!” to every veteran you know, whether they live nearby or across the country. If you don’t have time for an in-person visit because to a busy schedule, a quick phone call or text is sure to be appreciated.
  2. Write a letter or send a care package. Do you want something more personal than a text message or an email? Send a handwritten letter or care box to a veteran, along with a small gift and some of their favorite foods. This is a very thoughtful option since vets will appreciate your letter or gift for many years!
  3. Treat a Vet to lunch. A veteran’s day will be made if you take them to a favorite neighborhood restaurant or a nice coffeeshop. Prepare a list of questions for them to answer regarding their military service. Even nicer than the meal will be being the focus of attention for an hour or two!
  4. Deliver meals. To assist in the delivery of meals to senior veterans, contact local food banks and delivery services. Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers daily meals to seniors whose mobility makes it difficult for them to leave the house to get food, is a terrific place to start!
  5. Attend “Honor a Veteran” Nights. Sporting events like basketball and baseball games, often salute veterans and active military personnel. Inviting an older veteran to attend a game and experiencing an arena or stadium full of standing, thankful fans show how their sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed. It will also allow them time to sit with other military members and provide a new social group to bond with!
  6. Purchase a Wreath. Wreaths Across America is a nationwide campaign that places wreaths on the graves of veterans. In December, an official wreath-laying ceremony takes place at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as more than 1,400 other places in all 50 states and U.S. cemeteries across the world. Consider purchasing a wreath or volunteering at the event this Veterans Day to show your support.
  7. Volunteer your time. Want to directly help veterans and maybe get to know a veteran in need? Donate your time! Opportunities range from single volunteer days to long-term projects, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Time is the most valuable commodity you have, show you care by donating it to a veteran. The following is a list of veteran-supporting organizations.
  8. Donate to a cause. When it comes to helping our country’s servicemen and women, even a small gift is money well spent. Consider donating to organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project or the USO, and urge your friends and family to do so as well.
  9. Support Veteran owned companies. According to the Census Bureau, there are almost 2.5 million veteran-owned enterprises in the United States, accounting for about 10% of all businesses. Find a veteran-owned business in your area and pay them a visit today!  Fun Fact: Thrive USA is a veteran owned business/ 
  10. Attend a Parade. On November 11, Veterans Day parades will be held around the country. Bring your grandchildren to a local parade where veterans’ organizations will march. A ceremony or speech from a local veteran is frequently held at the end of these marches. Attending the parade is a wonderful opportunity to show your admiration and gratitude.

Veterans often face challenges as they get older. Connecting with a senior veteran and expressing gratitude, whether through a nice cup of coffee or transporting them to the doctor, may make a difference in their lives.

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