Setting Goals to Help You Thrive at Every Stage

At Thrive USA, we believe that in-home care without goals and a plan is a waste of everyone’s time and money, and it’s a waste of the client’s potential.

Instead of simply making sure our clients’ basic needs are always met and stopping there, we work closely with families to help our clients grow and thrive through focused goal-setting.

Our goal-setting theory progresses from the most low-level needs (food, shelter, etc.) up through self-actualization and community engagement. We want our clients to be able to maintain their independence as long as possible, and live life the way they want to.

BASICS Goal-Setting Model

We believe, for our clients to live their fullest, happiest lives, we need to carefully build their goals from the ground up. That’s why we ascribe to the BASICS goal-setting model, and our Personal Care Coaches work closely with families to find the best way to meet the individual needs of our clients.

When goal-setting, we progress through the acronym BASICS, making sure needs are met on one level before progressing to another. We reevaluate client goals every 90 days to aid in the growth of our clients, with the ultimate goal being that we have set and reached goals on every level.

The BASICS goal-setting levels are:

Biological: Are all basic biological needs – food, water, shelter, oxygen – met?

Activities of daily living: Can the client maintain grooming habits, toileting, dressing, and bathing?

Societal: Has the client found his or her personal identity and unique place in society?

Interpersonal: Are the client’s needs for connection, belonging, and communication met?

Creative: Does the client have a meaningful creative outlet or hobbies that he or she can enjoy?

Symbolic: Does the client have beliefs, dreams, and means of expression that are being fulfilled?

To us, goals are not things that we set in stone and then forget about. Our clients’ goals are part of our everyday care plans, and we frequently check progress toward these goals.

Revolutionizing In-Home Care in Frederick, Montgomery & Baltimore Counties, MD

At Thrive USA, we don’t just want our clients to maintain their current standard of living. We want them to learn and grow, no matter what age. Let us help your loved one thrive today and every day. Schedule your consultation today!