Skilled Nursing

Living with a chronic illness or recovering from surgery requires long-term care assistance. The ability to recuperate at home has been shown to improve overall health outcomes and quality of life for those facing long-term or lifetime illnesses. Thrive USA’s Skilled Nursing services allow you to remain in your home while receiving dedicated, quality care specific for the needs of your condition.

Our Skilled Nursing services begin with a consultation from a Master Coach to determine your individual needs and set measurable goals. The Skilled Nursing package includes all the services from our Personal Care program.

  • Plus!
    • Family-patient health teaching
    • Disease management and teaching
    • Comprehensive observation and assessment
    • Medication management
    • Intravenous therapy/PICC line care
    • Instrument care (respiratory, urinary, ostomy, feeding)
    • Wound care
    • Incontinence management
    • Diabetic care/insulin injections
    • Catheter care and management
    • Infusion therapy
    • Surgical aftercare
    • G.I. tube feeding management
    • Dressing changes
    • Respiratory disorders (COPD)
    • Injections
    • Cancer care

Whatever services you or your loved one may need, Thrive USA’s Personal Care Coaches have the skills and dedication to help you succeed.

Licensed as a Residential Service Agency by the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Health Care Quality, LIC# R4265