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“I’ve been working for Thrive for over six months now and I can say it has been amazing. There is always room to grow and push for more in the company. The upper management works with their employees to make sure they have schedules that fit their needs. And most of all, you get to meet some amazing Veterans who have served our country.”

Jer ‘Lesa

“I truly like working for Thrive because of the appreciation and recognition from the patients and their families, it’s priceless. It’s worth more than any amount of money that you could ever make. Just knowing that they know that you appreciate them and care about them and they appreciate you and care about you, it’s so amazing.”


“Thrive is truly a wonderful place to work. Not only do they honor their Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values, they go above and beyond to make sure all employees are cared for. Thrive offers great incentives, great pay, opportunities to grow in other positions and organize events to show how much they appreciate their employees. I’ve never thought I would work for a company that is invested Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and Mentally into the wellbeing of their employees and for that, I’m definitely thankful for the opportunity to be part of Thrive and I’m blessed to be able to work with such a caring, compassionate and empathetic team.”


“I love working for Thrive because Thrive cares about their Caregivers. Thrive does so much for us!! I’ve never worked for another company that goes above and beyond and does so much for their employees! Everyone is so very nice and caring in the office. I’m making more money now than I ever have with any other company, plus they provide health insurance and other great benefits! But the most important reason is I get to help take care of Veterans! It’s such a rewarding job to do and to know I make a difference in someone’s life. I LOVE all my clients, my job, and what I do!!”


“I love working for Thrive because this company CARES so much for their employees! I’ve never worked for a company that goes above and beyond for their staff or clients. Working for Thrive has been life changing. I love my clients and the positive impact I have in their lives! This has been the best career change for me and thank you, Thrive, for making this possible!”


“The reason why I love working with Thrive is the feeling of a sense of belonging and liking the people I work with. Alignment between personal and company values, also my personal development and growth. From the day I started until now, I see how Thrive has allowed me to share my experiences and my compassion. I’m truly grateful.”


“I love working for Thrive because everyone is considered equal. We are not just a body. We are a family that THRIVES on care for our clients.”


I am extremely happy we found Thrive USA and Danny, in particular! I feel that much of the burden and worry about my brother has been lightened significantly knowing that Danny is with him twice a week and is helping him get things done. ThriveUSA provides very personalized services to not only help with errands and chores, but to make everyday life easier and better for my brother. Reliable assistance, a genuine caring attitude, helpful suggestions, and personal involvement – all of these attributes have given me more peace of mind about my brother continuing to live alone.

Rhonda B.Family Caregiver

Thrive USA offers the most personalized approach to home care I have ever seen. We will continue to use their coaches for anything we ever need.

Sonia J.Family Caregiver

The consultative approach that Thrive USA uses for healthcare has set them apart from the rest of the pack

George R.Fellowship Coordinator at Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center

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