Offering Quality Home Care in Maryland

Companion Care and In Home Health Care

Thrive USA establishes a new standard in home care with our personalized, holistic approach, helping our clients heal, live independently, and, ultimately, thrive.

Though many home care agencies are concerned with treating only the most superficial points of impact for their patients, we take the time to fully understand our clients’ needs and goals. We consult with each client in an effort to determine exactly what ails them and work to establish measurable, meaningful goals to help them succeed – physically, emotionally, personally, and professionally.

Thrive USA has developed a personalized approach to home care. Each client’s needs and goals are tended to by our highly-trained Personal Care Coaches (PCC). With a wide range of specialties and degrees, our PCCs are individually paired with clients to match the level of care needed and each client’s individual goals. This personalized approach to care decreases client recovery time, increases energy levels, promotes independence, and improves interpersonal relationships. Every day, Every Step of the Way, You Can Count on Thrive USA!

Our Highly-Skilled, Compassionate Team of Personal Care Coaches

We hire only the most qualified PCCs, selecting those committed to providing compassionate care to help you reach your goals. In an effort to provide only the best, safest care to our clients, each PCC is background-checked and screened prior to hire, and they are all individually insured and bonded. Our PCCs receive ongoing training so they can continue to offer the most up-to-date methods of care, backed by research and science.

We believe the relationship between Personal Care Coach and client is as important as the qualifications of the coach. That high level of trust and understanding enables our clients to approach their care with an open mind and willingness that may otherwise be difficult to attain. This improves outcomes for our clients, which is our ultimate goal.