5 Steps To Finding Trust Worthy In-Home Care

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Finding a trustworthy home health aide can be challenging and expensive. However, with the proper assistance, it is well worth every penny invested to guarantee that your loved one receives the best care possible – every day. Many seniors remain in assisted living communities, while others live on their own in their homes. Aging and sickness can cause people to become more reliant on others.

If in-home nursing is something you’re interested in, you’ll need to find a provider you can depend on. This will undoubtedly require time and effort. However, it will be well worth it when you have access to competent and caring caregivers who would handle your loved one as if they were relatives. The caregiver(s) you choose can also satisfy your loved one’s practical needs, such as food planning, independence, housekeeping, and a variety of other services.

 Here are few tips to help you narrow down your quest for a reliable home health aide:

Decide What Are Your Loved One’s In-Home Care Needs?:

Before you call an in-home care company or an individual caregiver, make sure you understand what your loved one needs. Are they self-sufficient and just need assistance with light housekeeping, meals, and companionship? Or do they need more extensive care and assistance?  Does your loved one have a medical disorder, such as Alzheimer’s or diabetes? If so,  you would need a caregiver who is experienced with these diseases. Caregivers also assist in the following activities:

  • Cooking Meals
  • Bathing and Showering
  • Using the Toilet
  • Walking and Mobility
  • Personal hygiene and grooming

Hire a Private In-Home Care Company Or an Individual 

You should partner with a company that hires skilled and professional caregivers.   You can also find a caregiver on your own by using a recruiting agency or searching online.

However, please keep in mind that when you deal for a company like Thrive USA Homecare,  we will do extensive screening and background checks. We will also ensure that caregivers are well educated and have the necessary skills to fulfill your loved one’s needs. Furthermore, as your loved one’s health changes over time, Thrive USA can act as a trustworthy partner, modifying and adjusting treatment if appropriate. You won’t have to search for new or separate caregivers with more specialized or advanced skills.

Review Past Experiences & Screening 

When evaluating a person or organization that offers senior home care services, you should find out how long they have been doing so and how many clients they have interacted with. If they have been providing in-home care for a long time, you should be confident that they have a track record of pleasing clients and their families.

When you’re ready to speak with in-home service providers, inquire about their screening and recruiting practices. You should verify that they do a comprehensive background check, which includes reviewing driving history, criminal convictions, and references.  Most organizations will send a staff member to your loved one’s home to arrange an in-home session. At that time, you will be able to ask these and other questions in order to decide if the caregiver will deliver the kind of assistance you need.  If at all possible, include your loved one in this process. They will have their own questions to ask, and they will be more at ease in the long term if they are included in the choosing of their caregiver.

Know Your Budget

Before contacting an in-home support provider, you should consider how much you can afford to pay for caregiving assistance. Evaluate your financial options until you have a sense of how much you can spend on caregiving services.  Consult with your family to see if they are prepared or willing to add to the expenses of caregiving services. They may not have the resources or energy to support directly, but they may contribute financially. 

Have a Trial Period with the Caregiver 

Once you have one or more caregivers in place to provide in-home care, consider a trial period. This will help you evaluate whether they’re a good fit for your loved one. Check-in on your loved one on a daily basis to see how things are going and whether they have any questions. After the trial period is over, you can make any necessary changes or hire on a permanent basis. 

At Thrive USA Home Care, we’re dedicated to providing your aging loved ones every service they need to maintain their independence, dignity, and peace of mind. If you’re currently looking for home care providers for someone in your family, contact us today for a complimentary assessment!

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