7 Tips to Manage Family Caregiver Stress

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We’ve always been advised to reduce stress in our lives. Stress increases the risk of heart failure, insomnia, diabetes, cardiovascular illness, sleep disorders, and a number of other health problems. But can you remember a more difficult and stressful time that what we are experiencing with the COVID-19 crisis? For several, handling stress is more difficult than ever. Below are a few things that we should do to reduce our stress during this unprecedented time. 

Be realistic– Know your limits when it comes to the amount and type of care you can provide. Set realist caregiving goals to accomplish, and don’t be afraid to accept help or hire a home health care company. No one can – or should be expected to – do it all on their own.

Recognize their condition – Be honest about the health problems of your loved one. Whether they have a debilitating disease or worsening neurological disorder such as Alzheimer’s, understand that you can not cure your loved one. Your job is to give them the best possible quality of life.

Accept your emotions – it’s all right to have unpleasant feelings of anger, resentment, or remorse. Such feelings are normal, so they’re not making you a bad person. Remember that you are doing the best you can.

Stay happy and healthy- do your best to take proper care of yourself. Eat a regular diet, make time for exercise, and establish a healthy sleep schedule.

Try a stress-busting activity. There are a variety of pleasing activities that will divert your focus away from what was leading to stress and onto things more positive, such as creating art, reading, enjoying pets or children, doing work in the yard or on a DIY project – the possibilities are endless, and even as little as 10 or 15 minutes invested in the activity will help.

Create time for you–  Give yourself time to do the things you want. Meet your friends, read some books, pursue a hobby, and celebrate what makes you feel alive. Don’t lose your identity under your role as a caregiver.

Use respite care – Call the experts! Thrive USA Home Care services can give respite treatment to your loved one every once and a while, and you can have time to enjoy a stroll or have a much-needed rest.

Caregiver stress is very common for individuals who feel as though they have no support system, and have to handle everything independently. Fortunately, we have an answer! Call Thrive USA Homecare for an in-home consultation to learn more about how we can share in your caregiving duties, enabling you to gain important time away to destress, with services that include:

  • Planning and cooking wholesome meals
  • Assistance with personal care and hygiene
  • Taking care of housekeeping chores and laundry
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments and interesting outings
  • Companionship to brighten each day with conversations, games, puzzles, hobbies, etc.
  • Medication reminders
  • Skilled Nursing in your own home 
  • And so much more

Call us at (301) 882-4717 for personal in-home care in Maryland. Learn how a partner in care can make a world of difference in eliminating stress and restoring a healthy life balance for family care providers.

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