5 Ways to Keep Your Aging Parents Active & Engaged

Staying healthy, and feeling your best, is important at any age, but it’s especially
important for seniors. Studies from the National Institute on Aging have shown that
being active as we age is crucial for our physical, mental and emotional health.
Here are 5 different ways that you can encourage your aging family member to try
something new when it comes to activity and engagement.

Keep them active

Local parks, recreation and senior centers offer exercise groups that are tailored to suit
older adults. Activities include classes, group walks, and special outings to encourage
daily exercise. These groups provide physical activity and they also help foster

Offer to host a coffee date

Your loved one may be missing out on friendships because of transportation issues.
The next time you are in the area make a plan to to pick up your aging parent’s friend
and play hostess while the two of them catch up and enjoy coffee.

Take a walk together

An easy walk around the neighborhood is a fantastic way to get exercise, breathe in
fresh air, and it also allows them get a change of scenery.

Get them a Pet

If your loved one can take care of a pet, a new animal companion like a cat or dog,
could be a great addition to their household. There are many animals in local shelters
that are looking for their forever homes. Having a pet can give your aging family
member a sense of purpose, responsibility and love.


Depending on the activity level of your parents, literally thousands of organizations are
calling for volunteers. It doesn’t have to be a charity shop: museums, art galleries, the
local hospital, animal sanctuary and many more would love their help.

There are many ways of keeping an elderly parent engaged and active. But we can help
if the challenge is to get them to their social activities and make sure they are safe
during their planned events. Contact ThriveUSA today to see how we can help you and
your loved ones Thrive Your Way!!

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