6 Tips for Seniors to Stay Active and Healthy at Home

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As the end of the coronavirus pandemic remains unknown, most older adult citizens are expected to stay at home to protect their health and welfare and to limit interaction with others. While it is definitely in the best interest of their physical well-being, it may have a huge effect on the mental and emotional health of a senior to feel trapped indoors and away from their routine. To support older adults stay comfortable and happy at home, here are few tips.

Move Around the House

Regular physical activity provides higher levels of energy, better mood, more relaxation, which can result in better sleep. Taking short walks and doing concentrated muscle workouts in the house or backyard will get your heart going, blood flowing, and help you feel your best. Chair yoga and stretches are great options for improving balance and strength.

While regular activity is important, remember to avoid overexertion.  Certain activities can trigger spells of dizziness or loss of breath, like bending or standing up too quickly. As you find the best combination between rest and exercise for yourself, be patient with yourself and take it slowly.

Stay Connected

It can get difficult and lonely to be at home all of the time. Fortunately, social isolation does not mean that we can’t stay connected to friends and loved ones.  Engage by phone calls, text messages, or social media with those that you care about.   FaceTime, Zoom,  or Google Duo video calls on your iPhone, android, or other device can be a great way to see the person you are talking to during a conversation. 

With your circle, virtual gatherings and experiences will help you make fresh memories and even meet new people. Check your local calendar of cultural activities to see what’s going on in your community.

Eat Fresh and Healthy Meals

Healthy eating habits can help you feel your best and help you prevent additional health conditions such as elevated blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

One way of ensuring that you have the nutrients you need is to pay close attention to labeling and nutrition information.  Look for foods that will help you limit fats, cholesterol, and sodium while getting in lots of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium in your diet.

Create a Comfortable Environment

While you are spending much of your day inside the house, it is important to be in a safe place where you can rest.

You can furnish your home securely with new essentials from online retailers that will be shipped to their door.  You can purchase everything from new sofas, chairs, throw pillows, and blankets online to help get comfortable in your living space and feel refreshed without having to worry about the risks of physically going into a store.

Hanging pictures of family and friends, as well as artwork by grandchildren, can also be used to have a sense of family and community at home. While your time with family members and others may be minimal, the more involved and connected you are with what’s happening, the better off you will be!  Putting in the extra effort to help have a cozy home can make it easier to adjust to staying indoors.

Keep Your Mind Engaged

It’s just as necessary to improve brain wellbeing as taking care of your body as you age. Working your mind will help decrease mental deterioration and improve your mood.

Find new ways you can utilize your brain.   Puzzles and games are ideal options to keep your brain active and engaged. It may also be extremely beneficial to get creative with art, painting, coloring, or music. Don’t be afraid to try to broaden your interests and try something different.


It a stressful time for everyone.  Make time during the day to rest and lower your stress levels.

Meditation or simple exercises for relaxing will help put your mind at ease. Blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen intake, and stress factors may be reduced by taking the time to relax.

Spending time doing things you like can also help reduce stress. This can be virtually connecting with friends or settling down to read a good book. Making time to relax can help you stay healthy and happy at home.

Thrive USA Homecare can also help take the stress off when daily chores become a challenge.  Thrive USA Caregivers are available 4-24 hours a day and can provide transportation, prepare meals, give medication reminders, and be there for companionship and support.

To learn more about how Thrive USA’s many services can help homebound seniors, call (301) 882-4717 or contact us online.

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