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Yoga for Seniors: A Low-Impact Way to Stay Active and Healthy

For seniors, finding ways to stay active is important to maintaining health, mobility, and independence. However, many older adults find high-impact exercises like running or weight lifting too challenging on aging joints and muscles. That’s where the practice of yoga can help! This gentle activity provides numerous physical and mental benefits for seniors, without straining the body.   The Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults Yoga is a great low-impact activity that can improve strength, balance, and flexibility, which all tend to decline with age. Holding yoga poses strengthens muscles and stretches them beyond their usual range of motion. This enhances…

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6 Easy Ways for Seniors to Stay Active Indoors

The weather outside may be frightful — but that doesn’t have to make your winter any less delightful! The winter season in Maryland and the Washington, DC area has been unpredictable, with shifting temperatures, snow, and rain. It may be frustrating for seniors and family caregivers to not know what a winter day will bring. Exercising outside in the cold weather might be uncomfortable, and getting to the gym may be difficult due to COVID-19. However, it is easy to be active throughout the winter, and it does not involve enduring frigid temperatures or planning around the setting sun. Best…

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