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Care Following a Hospital Discharge

A journey to the hospital might last several days for an older adult, and medical procedures can bring a slew of additional caregiving tasks that persist long after the patient returns home. Older adults frequently require higher levels of care during a hospital stay, which translates into higher care needs after discharge. It is key that family caregivers completely understand what is required as soon as possible, as this will better equip them to coordinate the care required to keep their loved ones safe and recuperate. Preparation is Key  Caring for a loved one following a hospital discharge can be…

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What is Positive Aging and Strategies to Enjoy your Golden Years

Since 1950, human life expectancy has increased by more than 20 years. There are more people above the age of 80 and 90 than ever before. It has introduced a new challenge: caring for the elderly, from their housing and healthcare needs.  Growing old purposefully, constructively, and gracefully is where the power of positive aging lies. It is more important to have a good quality of life in old age than to appear “ageless.” It entails being helpful to others and relying as little as possible on others for activities of daily living (ADL).   Positive aging is one way older…

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The Benefits of In-Home Care Services

While some seniors are content to move to a nursing home or care facility when they can no longer care for themselves, others want to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. In-home care services allow seniors to preserve their freedom while receiving daily support from qualified caregivers. In-home care has quickly become one of the most popular solutions for older persons seeking expert care without leaving their homes. Here are a few advantages of in-home care services to consider before making your decision. One-on-One Attention One of the most significant advantages of choosing in-home care services…

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When is it Time For Hospice Care?

Accepting aging can be a difficult process. Many older adults associate illness with loss of independence or becoming a burden on loved ones. This could explain why they don’t always tell you how they truly feel. It may be up to you to recognize the signs of deteriorating health and the need for specialized care. Understanding potential signs that the end is near reduces anxiety and allows you to honor the wishes of your aging loved ones. Many families put off calling hospice until their loved one is in their final days or weeks of life. However, if the patient…

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Home-Modification Bill Could Help Adults Age in Place

A bill introduced in Congress in May would assist seniors in paying for home modifications that would make their houses more accessible and livable as they age. The Home Modification for Accessibility Act, sponsored by Reps. Charlie Crist and Thomas Suozzi is now in the House Ways and Means Committee. If approved, it would allow seniors who want to make aging-in-place upgrades in their homes to deduct the expenses of such upgrades from their income taxes or pay for the improvements out of their retirement funds without penalty. Rep. Crist said in a statement that many homes don’t have these…

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6 Things to Know When Becoming a Caregiver why Thrive USA Should be your Home

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Home care is a service that allows people to receive the care they require in the comfort of their own homes. For many seniors, this service is life-changing; having the assistance of a home caregiver allows them to stay in their own environment rather than going to an unfamiliar nursing home. For those who choose to work as home caregivers, home care services may be life-changing. What is the role of a home caregiver? The quick answer is that there are a lot of things. A home caregiver has a significant impact on the lives of their clients and their…

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10 Ways to Honor a Veteran on Veterans Day

By serving in the military and fighting for our freedom, veterans have sworn their allegiance to our nation.

9 Benefits Of Hiring A Caregiver For In-Home Help

Do you find yourself wondering if hiring a caregiver for in-home care is the best decision for your loved ones?   You may have observed your parents’ age catching up with them as they get older.  Perhaps your mom used to clean the house consistently but now finds it difficult to keep up with everyday tasks and chores. Perhaps your father has a habit of forgetting to turn off lights, turn off the oven, or even pay bills. Although these indicators are worrisome, they may not necessarily mean that your parents should be moved into an assisted living facility. Instead,…

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5 Cognition-Enhancing Activities for Stroke Recovery

Strokes can affect sensory, motor, and cognitive impairment in older adults. These problems, if left untreated, may impair one’s ability to think, communicate, move, and perform other daily tasks.

5 Things Caregivers Should Know About Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

According to experts, at least one out of every five people will get dementia at some point in their lives. Dementia was once thought to be a natural aspect of becoming older, and little was known about the illnesses that cause dementia in otherwise healthy people. However, they now have a better understanding of the condition, which can be incredibly helpful to family caregivers. The following are five important pieces of dementia information. Dementia Is Not a Disease You’ll have a better grasp of how to care for your senior loved one once you realize that dementia is simply a…

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