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7 Must-Have Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

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Some of the modifications that assist seniors in avoiding falls and other situations that jeopardize their safety are low-cost or easy do-it-yourself tasks. Changing some features of your house to make some everyday activities easier will help seniors keep their independence for a longer period of time. Here are a few of the most typical house modifications for those who want to age in place.

Our Difference: Thrive USA’s focus on Companion Care

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As people advance in age, they might feel lonely or isolated and this is where Thrive USA Home Care chips in to provide aging parents or relatives with intensive care and companionship. Our dedicated and experienced staff offers emotional support to loved ones in a surrounding they understand and recognize. Many people, especially the infirmed and elderly, become uncomfortable when subjected to a place or surrounding they are not familiar with. With Thrive USA concierge approach, we bring a suite of professional services right to your home. Expert and Quality Homecare At Thrive USA we strive to provide expert and…

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