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Understanding Caregiving Burnout and How to Prevent It

Caring for a loved one may be difficult, and that stress can negatively affect a caregiver’s overall health and well-being. Yet, some caregivers are hesitant to discuss their stress for fear of making their loved one feel guilty or making it look like they aren’t strong enough or well-organized enough to handle their obligations and responsibilities.  According to a 2020 research by the National Alliance for Caregiving, nearly one in every five Americans is a family caregiver.  The care recipient usually requires special attention such as a child or partner with a disability, an older parent, or a loved one…

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June is World Elder Abuse Month

In the United States, elder abuse is a hidden and rising issue. Experts estimate that 10% of older adults are victims of elder abuse, yet only a small percentage of cases are ever reported.

4 Benefits of Meal Prep for Seniors

Meal prepping is the process of cooking many meals in one sitting so that they are readily accessible when a person becomes hungry. Meal preparation can theoretically be any kind of cooking, but it is typically used to cook nutritious and enjoyable meals. The person would most usually prepare three or four meals in one sitting when meal prepping, however, he or she may opt to do more or less depending on their needs and preferences. Meal planning can assist a person in losing weight, adhering to an eating schedule, or merely preparing simple and nutritious meals.  There are a…

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Keep Your Kidneys Healthy with These 4 Tips

In the United States, 33 percent of adults are at risk for kidney disease. Kidney disease is a serious public health concern. Kidney disease is often undetected until it is very advanced. Unfortunately, this is the point at which someone will need dialysis or a transplant.  According to the National Kidney Foundation, only 10% of people with chronic kidney disease are diagnosed. It can cause serious health problems if left unchecked. March is National Kidney Month, so now is a good time to learn more about kidney disease and how to keep your kidneys in good health.  What is the…

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Activities for Seniors During Social Isolation

Over the last few months, we’ve been completely overwhelmed by the news of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us feel that there is no escape from the news reports, constantly updated numbers, and recommended precautions. One of the hardest to swallow pills? Social distance — or what we’ve come to find is social isolation, actually.  As humans, we are innately social creatures that thrive on interactions with others. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that social isolation can affect our physical and mental well-being, especially for the elderly who are particularly vulnerable. Knowing this, we encourage you to physically…

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